How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

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Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, only around 20 percent of people who may benefit from hearing loss intervention seek care. Of the few that eventually do so, the general timeline between the first hearing loss diagnosis and the first pair of hearing aids is around a decade. Ignoring a condition and hoping it goes away is human nature, but hearing loss can only intensify the longer you leave it. But there is no reason to fear hearing treatment.

A new generation of technology

Hearing aids have changed. The days of clunky, easily spotted devices are long gone. Today’s hearing aids are thin, elegant, and discreet – typically resting behind the ear or tucked within the ear canal. Their low profile means that the casual observer will not likely notice them. Although this low profile is perfect for the wearer, it does mean that more people are wearing them than you would think!

Not only have hearing aids been streamlined, but they have also strengthened their ability to help you hear in even the most demanding conditions. Rapid digital sound processing is used by modern hearing aids to deliver nuanced direction and balance to what you hear. They can be programmed to your exact hearing loss needs. Many new models use direct Bluetooth technology to stream audio directly into your ear from smartphones and other devices.

Let’s look at how the right hearing aids, adequately fitted by a hearing professional, can be life-changing for you. 

Less fatigue

Anyone who has been struggling with hearing loss for a while will tell you just how physically exhausting it is. Our brain’s portion that usually manages incoming sounds from our ears focuses on voice and commits the speech to short-term memory. This process can not function properly when we have issues hearing. 

Using visual and meaning cues, we are left to forge bits and pieces of sound together into coherent sentences. A different part of the brain is used for this method, usually reserved for higher-order thought.

The effect is that our brain is overworked as we continue to engage in a conversation, trying to find out what is being said. We get exhausted much earlier than we would otherwise be because of this overwork. 

With hearing aids, our ability to understand conversations is improved, making conversations easier to process by the brain.

Improved career opportunities

A recent UK study reveals that working life can be significantly influenced by hearing aids: 87% of employed hearing aid owners reported that their devices were beneficial for their employment. Approximately 32-35% of those respondents also said they were more likely to be promoted, be in a job they like doing, and be paid a higher salary than those with untreated hearing loss.

Strengthen connections

Your relationships tend to suffer when you have untreated hearing loss. When you’re always mishearing what is being said, you can’t appreciate all the little things that make relationships unique, whether with friends, family, or loved ones.

Hearing loss also makes social activities more difficult for you to attend. This can lead to social isolation, loneliness, and even depression as you chose to stay at home rather than engage with people in public places.

You will improve the relationships that matter the most through managing your hearing loss. You’ll be able to share special moments and enjoy talking about all the little things that happened in your day. Hearing aid users also report becoming more involved in their community. In this way, hearing treatment can do wonders for both your strong and weak social ties.

Better physical independence

You put yourself in a place where accidents are even more likely when you cannot hear the world around you. You may miss alarm noises like phone messages and doorbells that will make you miss necessary appointments. You are also less aware of the alarm sounds around you on the street. This can lead to a higher risk of falls, fractures, and hospitalizations.

By treating your hearing, you can improve your spatial awareness and balance, thereby improving your confidence as you make your way around your neighborhood. 

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