Who do we help?

Those who have hearing aids or have tried hearing aids, but did not obtain the success that they thought they should have.
Those who are afraid of falling.
Those that have dizziness or unsteadiness.
Those who are bothered by ringing or buzzing in their head or ears.
Those who struggle with hearing, but have been told that your hearing is normal.
Those that struggle to understand conversations at restaurants, group gatherings, when people wear masks, or with your loved ones.
Those that feel that they can "hear" but not "understand"
Those who have fallen in the past year.
Those who are bothered by ringing or buzzing in their head or ears.

Our Services

At Coweta and Fayette Hearing Clinics we provide an array of audiology services such as: hearing tests, hearing aid repair, tinnitus therapy, balance testing, hearing aid sales, assistive listening devices, hearing protection devices, and tinnitus testing. Not to mention also hearing aid reprogramming, aural rehab, and second opinions.
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Hearing Aids

We now lease hearing aids. You can lease 2 premium hearing aids for 189/month. Our Audiologists fit every major hearing aid brand and will work with you to find the right solution for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Learn more about how we can tailor hearing aids to fit you. We also provide Aural Rehabilitation to help you obtain better listening skills with your hearing aids.
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Our Staff

Meet our Audiologists, Audiology Assistants, and dedicated staff professionals that are here to assist you in improving your hearing lifestyle. Talk to us today to get on the right track to living with more hearing clarity.
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Expert Audiologists serving Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas.

Dr. Nikki Weaver, owner of Coweta Hearing Clinic and Fayette Hearing Clinic is a “Dr. Cliff Approved Provider” in hearing healthcare because she believes in a standard of care that many hearing aid users simply don’t get when they are fit with hearing aids.
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Do you have hearing aids but still struggle in background noise?

We can help even when your hearing loss is subtle and may only involve difficulty hearing in certain situations, such as amongst a small group or crowd.
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We work with a number of brands to ensure you find the right hearing aid.

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"Very professional but so easy to understand all the feedback. Would highly recommend."
Ruth R.
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"The service was very good and very professional! I would recommend C.H.C. to anyone who has hearing issues. I am also very impressed with my hearing aids."
Allen S.
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"I was really surprised with the factionalism of the staff The audio allergist was outstanding explained everything to me I left with confidence."
Joe M.
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"Excellent care and service. Dr. K. Miller explains everything to ensure proper fitting and programming."
Marty S.
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"My experiences at Coweta Hearing Clinic have been excellent. They are very professional as well as very kind. I couldn't be more pleased."
Karen A.

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