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Celebrate World Hearing Day: Ear and Hearing Care for All! 

In Hearing Health by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Did you know that March 3rd is World Hearing Day? Organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), this global campaign is all about hearing health. You can celebrate World Hearing Day by practicing the following strategies to protect your hearing health and wellness. Wear hearing protection. Loud noise is a common cause of hearing loss. One time or regular exposure to loud noise can permanently …

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Tips for Driving with Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids, Tips & Tricks by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Do you have hearing loss? You may not even realize it, which can become a real hazard not only for us but everyone else on the road. Hearing loss becomes increasingly more common as we age. One in three people over the age of 65 will have hearing loss and by the time we reach 75, hearing loss will affect around half of us. If …

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How Our Exercise, Diet, Sleep, and Hearing Affects Our Brain Aging

In Brain Health by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

What Aging Means? What Ages Us? Many of us can remember being a child, say 10 years old, and looking at the 13 year olds climbing the seats at the back of the bus and thinking that they looked basically indistinguishable from the adults. And many of us can remember the shock of reaching milestone ages, turning 18 or 21 or being forced to resolve …

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Prioritize Better Hearing in the New Year!

In Hearing Health by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones. And for many of us that means catching up with family and friends that our busy schedules don’t otherwise allow us much time to see. It is not uncommon and it is not hard to imagine how simple it is for a lot of us to go too far when celebrating. We eat too much …

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This November, Test Your Hearing in Honor of American Diabetes Month

In Hearing Health, Hearing Testing by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

It is American Diabetes Awareness Month Did you know about the connections between diabetes and hearing loss? One recent study has proven the link conclusively. Over 12% of all adult Americans have diabetes—over 37 million people—and they are twice as likely to live with hearing loss. Another 88 million Americans are pre-diabetic, meaning that they will have diabetes within a decade if they do not …

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Common Excuses for Not Buying Hearing Aids

In Hearing Aids by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Not only is disabling hearing loss more common than most people likely assume, impacting more than 13% of all U.S. adults over the age of 18, but those who suffer from it are surprisingly reticent to seek help. Studies show that among those who wear a hearing aid they delayed an average of seven years between first suspecting that they may have trouble hearing and …

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Common Hearing Aid Problems & How to Fix Them

In Hearing Aid Technology, Hearing Aids, Tips & Tricks by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

If you are a current user of hearing aids, you might be familiar with some of the issues that can arise. Just as you might find minor issues with your aids, you might also discover the solution to get them back in order. When we are closely connected with any technology, it might just take a little time and attention to figure out what has …

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Conductive Hearing Loss

In Hearing Aids, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues people experience today. Over 48 million people live with some degree of hearing loss which reduces capacity to hear and process sound. People can experience hearing loss in various ways. There are three types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive, and mixed. Sensorineural hearing loss occurs in the inner ear and is permanent whereas conductive hearing …

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Is There a Cure for Hearing Loss?

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Treatment by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues affecting people today. Its multifaceted impact is often under-recognized even though it disrupts daily life in various unexpected ways. From watching TV, to talking on the phone, and spending time with others; impaired hearing can take a toll on everyday activities. There are numerous misconceptions about hearing loss which often leads to a delay in …

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Head Injuries & Hearing Loss

In Brain Health, Health, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Prevention, Hearing Loss Treatment, Hearing Testing, Research by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Head injuries can impact health in a variety of ways including by causing hearing loss. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 3 million head injuries occur annually. According to the CDC, 1 million of these are traumatic brain injuries, the most severe type of head injury a person can experience. In addition to impacting cognitive functions and mobility, head injuries can …