Resound Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Technology


Starkey Livio AI Edge

The Livio AI Edge hearing aid builds on Starkey's Livio AI range with Edge Mode, which uses artificial intelligence ( AI) to fine-tune the sound environment on demand. You can double-tap the hearing aid to activate Edge Mode, which can provide an "extra boost" in difficult listening circumstances using an analysis of the sound environment.

It can also offer iPhone users access to Siri, the smart assistant. Using the Starkey Thrive Assistant feature in the Thrive app, you can instantly access a world of information at your fingertips and get in-ear and on-screen alerts for reminders and events such as remembering to take your medicine.


ReSound ONE

This is a revolutionary new hearing aid that aims to overcome one of the most enduring challenges for hearing loss sufferers. 

For the first time, this unique solution places an additional microphone inside the ear canal, enabling people who rely on hearing aids to experience the world with their ears while retaining an open-fit device's convenience. Consumers can now enjoy the benefits of superior sound quality and listen better to conversations in noisy environments.

Also, the ReSound ONE features two new settings: All Access Directionality and Ultra Focus. These enhanced operating modes boost speech recognition dramatically while maintaining spatial perception in dynamic sound and noise situations.

The ReSound ONE provides unrivaled rechargeability and comprehensive connectivity options for playback and hearing aids on both iOS and Android smartphones.


Oticon Opn S

A wildly popular hearing aid, the Opn stretches the boundaries of what was previously possible with hearing aids. With less effort in noisy environments, Oticon Opn S is proven to provide you with even better speech comprehension than previous generation hearing aids. You will now excel in challenging listening environments, such as family parties, restaurants, and work meetings, and take a much more active role.

In Oticon Opn S hearing aids, Oticon's BrainHearing technology scans the environment 100 times a second. This gives you continuous access to sounds around you to naturally reinforce how your brain makes sense of your surroundings.


Signia Xperience

Signia X uses robust acoustic sensors coupled with a groundbreaking sound-processing motion sensor to monitor more sound nuances in real-time than ever before, including how your movement affects your hearing.

The Signia Pure X hearing aids allow you to stream sound straight to your ears from your favorite devices, thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. With Signia Pure X, you can use regular made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aids to direct stream audio from iOS (Apple) devices.


Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise is a multi-functional hearing aid which, coupled with industry-leading wireless connectivity, delivers improved hearing performance and speech comprehension. Phonak's next-generation PRISM sound chip has more processing power and twice its predecessor's memory. It also offers a host of advanced features, including custom noise cancellation, motion sensors, tap control, and multiple Bluetooth connections.

Get ready to enjoy a clean, natural listening experience in different environments with the Phonak Paradise.


Moxi Move R

This is the smallest lithium-ion Receiver-in-Canal device offered by Unitron. Thanks to its efficient and trouble-free rechargeable technology, it will keep you going the entire day.

Within Unitron's Discover Next (DX) platform, the unique engine delivers more than just the conversation. Having a realistic listening experience also highlights critical changes in the speech and environment you're exposed to.

The integrated SoundCore system lets you understand the deeper meaning of conversations and makes Unitron's Discover Next one of the world's smartest platforms.

With SoundNav 3.0, you can hear better in any listening situation and enjoy life-enriching media with MediaNav 's help. After many years of training its algorithms with machine learning, Unitron's Discover Next platform aims to help you navigate the ever-changing soundscapes of life on par with a younger set of ears.


Widex Moment

The Widex Moment hearing aids break new ground by tackling one of the significant unanswered issues of any hearing aid - "no matter how good the sound, it still sounds like a hearing aid." This issue occurs because sound transmitted in the hearing aid enters the eardrum a split second later than the natural sound passing directly through or around the hearing aid's ear-tip.

Widex is the first to deal with this 'out of sync' sound. This is accomplished by a specialized chip with two distinct signal pathways, both based on Widex signal processing's natural sound but significantly different in speed and sound design processing. The result is a much more natural hearing experience.