Commit to Feeling Your Best This New Year!

Commit to Feeling Your Best This New Year!

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Testing, Signs & Symptoms by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

This time of year is exciting! What better way to start this New Year and new decade than to center your wellness? Deciding to be proactive about your health can motivate the entire year and significantly improve your life. We know that so many people set personal goals during this time of year. It can be really difficult to stay focused and committed to these goals because of busy schedules. People are busy living full lives with demanding work schedules, family caretaking, friendships, and additional obligations. But your health is your greatest responsibility and it impacts all aspects of your life and how you navigate on a daily basis. There are small ways that you can prioritize your health and wellness while still balancing everything else.

One small step you can take today is scheduling an appointment to get your hearing tested. Today, hearing loss is a common health concern that can be experienced by anyone. There are many causes and symptoms of hearing loss. Most importantly, better hearing is absolutely possible!

Causes of Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss can be caused by circumstances related to your family history, medical conditions, and environmental factors.

  • Family History: there are types of hearing loss that can be hereditary. It is possible to inherit mutated genes that contribute to hearing loss. Knowing your family’s genetic information can be really helpful.
  • Medical Conditions: hearing loss can be linked to various medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, viral infections (such as measles or mumps), any previous injury or dislocation of the bones in the ear, and ear infections.
  • Environmental Factors: chronic exposure to short or long-term loud noise. For example working in a noisy factory, operating loud machinery, listening to music on a high volume, consistently attending concerts and standing near large speakers etc.)

Early detection of any hearing loss can prevent further medical conditions and lead to a smoother transition to better hearing.


Impairment to hearing often happens very gradually over time. Because changes to your hearing may be happening slowly, you may not be fully aware of the shifts in your hearing. All adults should know the health of their hearing, especially if you have experienced any symptoms related to hearing loss, which may include:

  • Having to increase the volume on electronic devices (TV, phone, computer etc.)
  • Difficulty hearing individual words, it may sound as if people are mumbling
  • Ringing or buzzing noises in one or both ears (this is known as tinnitus)
  • Needing other people to speak slowly, loudly, or more clearly
  • Asking other people to repeat what they have said
  • Preferring one ear over the other
  • Trouble following conversations, especially in places with background noise

Experiencing these signs of hearing loss can cause extreme fatigue by forcing you to use extra energy to hear more clearly. This impacts your ability to communicate and understand which can often cause feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration. You may find yourself wanting to avoid noisy environments and social gatherings. Trying to cope with this can really impact your relationships, happiness, and emotional health.  The great news is that there are useful ways to address these challenges!

Better Hearing with Coweta Hearing Center

Hearing loss is treatable! There are several ways to treat hearing loss that depend on the type and degree of impairment. The most common way is hearing aids. We work with every major hearing aid brand that offers a range of devices.  People have diverse hearing needs and hearing aids are made to meet you exactly where you are. They come in customizable sizes, styles, and features.

Using our expertise in hearing aid technology and information; our hearing healthcare professionals will work with you to find the most effective device that meets your hearing, lifestyle, and budget needs.

Being proactive about your health is the best way to kick-off the New Year! Do this easily by calling us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing assessment. Better hearing is not only possible but can dramatically improve the quality of your life!