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The Unexpected Advantages of Meditation for Hearing Health

In Health, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss Prevention by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

In the fast-paced world we live in, filled with constant noise and distractions, taking time to pause and meditate has become an invaluable practice for maintaining overall well-being. While you might already know that meditation can help reduce stress and boost mental clarity, did you know that it can also impact your hearing health? The Sound of Silence: A Few Words on Hearing Health Our …

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Healthy Hearing Habits

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss Prevention by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 people have some degree of hearing loss? Though hearing loss is the third most common medical condition that people live with today, it is widely underrecognized. Over 48 million people have hearing loss which reduces capacity to hear and process speech as well as sound. Hearing loss not only strains hearing and communication but it can take …

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Head Injuries & Hearing Loss

In Brain Health, Health, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Hearing Loss Prevention, Hearing Loss Treatment, Hearing Testing, Research by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Head injuries can impact health in a variety of ways including by causing hearing loss. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 3 million head injuries occur annually. According to the CDC, 1 million of these are traumatic brain injuries, the most severe type of head injury a person can experience. In addition to impacting cognitive functions and mobility, head injuries can …

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October is Protect Your Hearing Month

In Hearing Loss Prevention by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Hearing protection in the workplace is an essential piece of occupational safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with preserving the health and wellbeing of employees, particularly those who do not have labor unions or other collective advocates to protect their safety. At many large employers, including factories, industrial facilities, and corporations, OSHA is aware of the needs of these employees and …

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Celebrate March 3’s World Hearing Day with a Hearing Test

In Events, Hearing Health, Hearing Loss Prevention, Hearing Testing, Holidays, News by Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

For many Americans, the early months of the year can be a struggle. Nasty weather compounds the effect of the lack of sunlight while the days are short. This time of year also seems to be a void of holidays! After so many events leading up to the New Year (both by the sun and the lunar calendars), the end of winter can be a …