Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

With over 50 years of experience, the Danish manufacturer Widex is renowned for their well-crafted and technologically advanced hearing aids. Their trademark “Widex Sound” provides wearers with access to a rich spectrum of sounds in their daily environment, moving comfortably between different noise environments, capturing everything from a whisper in a crowd to a conversation in a loud restaurant.

As one of the first manufacturers of a digital in-the-ear hearing aid, Widex instruments develop accordingly with contemporary technology and are dubbed “sleek micro-computers for your ears.” In 2012, Widex received the European Inventor Award for their work in advancing hearing aid technology.

BEYOND: Made for iPhone Technology

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, Widex has equipped BEYOND with incredible wireless streaming features. Through your iPhone, the BEYOND app provides easy access to program feature and volume controls. With Bluetooth or Widex’s DEX wireless accessories, you may stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media directly from your iPhone to your ears.

Wireless connectivity opens up a world of access to BEYOND wearers. When you make adjustments to your listening experience (programs, features, volume), they are logged into the BEYOND app and geo-tagged with your phone’s GPS feature. When you return to saved locations, your BEYOND hearing aids will automatically adjust to ensure the most natural and seamless listening experience. If you happen to misplace your BEYOND aids, the app will track and locate them with wireless connectivity.

In terms of listening experience, BEYOND is equipped with a catalog of incredible features that provide wearers access to clear, true-to-life sound: True Input Technology, Soft Level Noise Reduction, and SMARTWIND Manager. For great sound quality, True Input Technology optimizes and automatically adjusts audio information based on your environment. In conjunction with Soft Level Noise Reduction, BEYOND ensures access to sounds whether they are soft speech or voices against a loud background environment. A favorite for those with active lifestyles, SMARTWIND Manager ensures a comfortable listening and speech intelligibility in outdoor environments, with 30% improvement of speech understanding in wind. For an added level of confidence, BEYOND is currently the lowest battery-consuming Made for iPhone hearing aid available on the market.

Widex Hearing Aids

In addition to BEYOND, Widex offers three excellent hearing aid models: UNIQUE, DREAM, and SUPER.

UNIQUE hearing aids ensure a wide range of sound without distortion, in any environment. They provide wearers with natural sound and wind reduction, as well as a super-fast processing platform that analyzes and balances audio data to provide the most natural listening experience. Through DEX accessories, UNIQUE may connect to their smartphones to stream phone calls, music, and other media from their smartphones directly to their ears. UNIQUE hearing aids are available in the following styles: completely-in-canal (CIC) micro, CIC, in-the-ear (ITE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), and behind-the-ear (BTE).

DREAM hearing aids provide a true-to-life sound of even the quietest in any environment. Conversations are a breeze with DREAM, which provides wearers with excellent speech recognition features as well as improved speech directionality. DREAM is also compatible with DEX devices for wireless streaming. Styles include: CIC micro, CIC, ITE, RIC, and BTE.

For people who experience higher degrees of hearing loss, from severe to profound, Widex offers SUPER hearing aids. SUPER enhances all of the best features from Widex to boost speech recognition, noise cancellation, and directionality of sound. With a long battery life and distortion-free listening, SUPER keeps you connected to the intricate sounds of your life, with a discreet receiver-in-canal model.

ZEN Tinnitus Therapy

With the understanding that up to 90% of hearing loss cases are accompanied by tinnitus, Widex offers a specialized tinnitus therapy treatment program called ZEN.
Tinnitus, known as a “ringing of the ear,” produces frustrating and distracting noises that interfere with one’s daily activities and overall health and well-being. It has been linked to concentration problems, sleep deprivation, and increased levels of anxiety and stress. ZEN provides relief to the daily challenges of tinnitus.
In a four-part program, ZEN provides:

  1. Counseling, to educate and assist the limbic system to alter its negative interpretation of tinnitus sounds with cognitive and behavioral intervention;
  2. Amplification, to stimulate the ears and brain and to prevent overcompensation;
  3. Fractal tones (ZEN tones), to relax the brain and provide acoustic stimulation; and
  4. Relaxation, with behavioral exercises and sleep management strategies.

For people who experience both hearing loss and tinnitus, ZEN is available in most Widex hearing aid models. For people who experience tinnitus without hearing loss, ZEN Tinnitus Therapy is available in a convenient stand-alone device, ZEN2Go.