Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Hearing Aids

Founded in 1947 in Switzerland, Phonak is driven by their mission to change lives and reconnect people to their passions and loved ones with advanced hearing technology. Phonak is committed to shattering taboos around hearing loss, promising to not rest until “wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.” When designing their products, Phonak consults with an international community of hearing professionals, using feedback to improve their technology and designs.

Belong Processing Platform

Phonak’s powerful Belong Processing Platform addresses major needs based on user feedback for an ideal hearing device. Hearing aid wearers called for rechargeable energy and lower power consumption, user accessibility, a smaller design, improved comfort, wireless connectivity, and automation – along with the two main features of hearing aids: natural, rich sound and improved speech recognition.

The Belong platform is powered by breakthrough lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing the device with 40% more battery power than conventional rechargeable batteries. With a full charge, wearers experience 24 hours of unlimited hearing. If you happen to need a quick charge, a 30-minute charge will provide six hours of listening time.

In terms of listening features, Belong provides wearers 20% better speech understanding, 60% improvement of speech understanding in very noisy environments, and 37% reduction in effort when listening to conversations in cars.

Audeo B & Audeo B-R

Built on the Belong platform, the Audeo B and Audeo B-R (rechargeable) are currently the most powerful hearing aids from Phonak. With a sleek, discreet aesthetic, Audeo B and Audeo B-R are flexible, customizable hearing solutions. AutoSense OS provides automatic adaptation to the wearer’s sound environment, gathering a fuller picture of sound with improved microphone design. Additionally, AutoSense OS analyzes sound in the wearer’s environment every 0.4 seconds to blend and adjust sound for better listening.

Answering the call for a rechargeable solution, the Audeo B-R eliminates the need for battery replacement for the lifetime of the hearing aid (between five to seven years). Simply place your Audeo B-R aids into their recharging station and experience up to an entire day of uninterrupted listening. To charge the Audeo B-R, Phonak offers the portable power pack (sufficient for seven full charges) and small enough to fit into a bag to grab on the go. For overnight charges, you can rely on the regular charging case, which provides 24 hours of listening on a six-hour charge. With a hard-case and built-in drying capabilities, the recharging station provides power and protection in one. A compact mini-charger is available for travels.

Audeo B and Audeo B-R offer wireless connectivity, which allows you to connect your hearing aids to your smartphones, using the ComPilot Air. This accessory allows wearers to stream audio directly from your devices to your ears.

Audeo B and Audeo B-R are available in the receiver-in-canal style, with a customizable mold made to fit the wearer’s ear canals. With a sturdy, slim, design and sealed with water and dust resistant, IP 68 nano-coating, Audeo B/B-R is an excellent choice for people with active lifestyles. Audeo B and Audeo B-R are available in five models, customizable to meet different hearing needs and degrees of hearing loss (mild to severe).

Lyric: Uninterrupted, 24/7 Listening

As the world’s first 100% invisible, 24/7 hearing aid, Lyric is known as the “contact lenses for the ear” and is a favorite for people with active lifestyles. With its design and placement, Lyric may be worn for months at a time without removal or battery recharging. Wearers may perform daily activities with confidence, from exercising to sleeping to showering to talking on the phone.

Lyric works with your ear’s natural anatomy and simulates the natural auditory process to amplify and deliver clear sound. As an invisible hearing aid, Lyric must be placed deep into your ear canal by a trained hearing professional. Based on its placement, Lyric hearing aids improve directionality and localization, reduce feedback and background noise, and improves your ability to hear high frequency sound. Lyric is best suited for people who experience mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Every few months, Lyric hearing aids do require replacement, as the battery life drains. At this time, you’ll come visit us at Coweta Hearing, where your hearing specialist will remove your Lyric aids and replace them with new, fully powered ones.