When Should I Update My Hearing Aids

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

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If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a few years, you may be wondering when you should update your hearing aids. On average, hearing aids should be updated every 3 to 5 years. But there’s no magic number, and the right time is different for everyone. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about updating your hearing aids. 

Are your Current Hearing Aids Working?

The first thing to ask yourself is whether your current Bluetooth hearing aids are working well. All hearing aids need regular cleaning and some routine repairs from time to time. With proper maintenance, they will provide you with quality hearing for years. But you will need to carefully consider if they’re still in tip-top shape. Have you noticed any changes in sound quality? Do sounds seem muffled?

Your first step is to bring your hearing aids in for a thorough cleaning and checkup. We may be able to remove some built-up earwax, change out a filter, or remove debris from the microphone ports. However, if your hearing aids are clean and maintained, and they’re not working well, it’s time to update your hearing aids. 

Have Your Hearing Needs Changed?

Your hearing needs continue to change over time. That’s why we recommend annual hearing tests to monitor your hearing health. Your hearing aids can change along with you. After a hearing test, we can recalibrate your hearing aids to perfectly match your hearing needs. 

However, after several years, your hearing aids might not be the right fit for your hearing needs, so you’ll want to update them. Your hearing needs may also change if you switch jobs, retire, move to a new city, or even start some new hobbies. When your everyday listening environments change, your hearing aids may not be the perfect fit for your hearing needs.

If you have some significant changes in your hearing needs, your hearing aids may not meet your hearing prescription, and we may not be able to adjust your device to match your current needs. This is another sign it’s time to update your hearing aids so you can get the right amplification for your needs.

Are You Excited About New Hearing Aid Technology?

Hearing aids get better every year. New programs and settings are constantly being developed to match a range of needs and make it even easier to hear in challenging listening environments. Even if your hearing aids perfectly match your hearing prescription and they’re in great condition, you may want to update your hearing aids to take advantage of new technology.

For example, connectivity features are changing the way you use your hearing aids. Hearing aids with wireless connectivity can stream audio straight from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This includes your smartphone, your laptop, computer, TV, and more. You’ll be able to hear phone calls, enjoy your favorite show, and catch every word during your next zoom meeting.

Another exciting change in hearing technology is devices that can work with your brain to help you hear with less effort. This includes separating speech sounds from background noise while still preserving all the ambient noise around you, so you don’t feel like you’re in a bubble. These features can improve speech understanding as well as reduce listening effort. 

Does Your Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

You should also consider your insurance policy when updating your hearing aids. Check your healthcare plan to find out what hearing services are covered. Plans may cover some of the cost of hearing aids, but will most likely specify a timeline. For example, your plan may cover one pair of hearing aids every three years. If you’re a few months away from qualifying for coverage, you may want to wait a bit longer before updating your devices. 

Ready to Update Your Devices?

Are you ready to update your hearing aids and find devices that perfectly match your lifestyle and current hearing needs? Visit us today to check out your options. We work with some of the world’s best hearing aids manufacturers to bring you quality hearing aids you can count on. Let us know what features you’re interested in or let us recommend options that match your hearing needs. We also lease hearing aids to give you even more great options at an affordable price.