Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Founded in 1952, Unitron is based in “Canada’s Silicon Valley,” in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario. In collaboration with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University, Unitron conducts research that involves real people with hearing loss in real world situations. This data is used to design and shape Unitron’s advanced line of hearing aids. Additionally, Unitron is committed to spreading the message of hearing health worldwide, supporting efforts such as the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss and Hear the World Foundation. In a recent campaign, Unitron raised awareness around hearing loss with a short film that posed the question, “What’s your favorite sound?”

Tempus Processing Platform

Tempus, Unitron’s newest processing platform, was designed to address the main issue of hearing aid wearers: conversation. Even in the most challenging noise situations, Tempus provides wearers with 50% more accurate and 36% faster speech recognition in conversation. Tempus combines four Unitron features to form SoundCore technology: SoundNav, Sound Conductor, Spatial Awareness, and SpeechPro. Together, these four elements work to understand the wearer’s environment and make automatic adjustments to enable wearers clarity and focus in every conversation.

SoundNav, an automatic feature, identifies and classifies sound signals into seven distinct environments – with four dedicated to conversation. This allows you access to natural sounds and speech across different environments. After SoundNav has automatically analyzed and classified sounds, Sound Conductor balances signals, providing clarity and richness in each unique listening environment. With Sound Conductor, you experience clearer speech and more natural listening.

Spatial Awareness assists in the identification of direction from which sounds and speech come, providing a more realistic connection to one’s environment. SpeechPro assists wearers specifically with speech sounds in noise and crowds.

Moxi Fit R: The World’s Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Powered by Tempus, Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable, wireless receiver-in-canal hearing aid. As a rechargeable hearing aid, Moxi Fit R ensures all-day listening on a single, overnight charge. Wearers also have the option to switch to traditional zinc air batteries if they wish, though Moxi Fit R’s fast-charging battery is powered by lithium-ion technology.

The Fit R belongs to Moxi, Unitron’s family of best-selling receiver-in-canal hearing aids. Along with the Fit R, other Moxi hearing include the Moxi Dura, Moxi Now and the Moxi Kiss – the latter two are recipients of Red Dot Design Awards in 2014 and 2015. All Moxi hearing aids provide wearers with the impressive features of the Tempus Processing Platform, as well as fully automatic adjustments, telecoil, and wireless capabilities.

Stride: Behind-the-Ear Flexibility

Also powered by Tempus, Stride is the behind-the-ear family of hearing aids. With an extra emphasis on focus in conversations, Stride hearing aids accommodate a various degrees of hearing loss. With streamlined aesthetics, a comfortable fit, and intuitive controls, Stride hearing aids are reliable and resilient (with an IP 67 rating).

Max: Higher Powered for Higher Degrees of Hearing Loss

For people who experience severe to profound hearing loss, Max hearing aids provide more advanced speech intelligibility and spatial awareness. With a long battery life, Max provides wearers with confidence in a reliable battery and enhanced protection from the elements. Max is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, available in three levels of technology, to address higher degrees of hearing loss.

TrueFit Software and Flex

With the understanding that we all hear differently, and that the hearing aid fitting is a crucial process, Unitron has designed an interactive experience with TrueFit. TrueFit allows wearers to play an active role in the fitting of their hearing aids and thus, their listening experience. In conjunction with Flex, wearers may “test drive” their Unitron hearing aids. During this process, wearer preferences are archived in Unitron’s Log It All software. This provides your hearing specialist a wealth of information on how you hear in diverse environments. With this information, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the best sound and fit for you.

Flex is an important step of the Unitron fitting process and it has yielded impressive results. Unitron reports that 84% of Flex customers believe that the trial experience improves their own experience with hearing aids and 82% of Flex customers report that the trial period helps to fit higher technology levels to hearing needs.

To learn more about Unitron hearing aids and to take them for a test drive, contact us at Coweta Hearing.