Going Digital with Your Hearing Aids

Going Digital with Your Hearing Aids

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Nikki DeGeorge Weaver, Au.D.

Hearing aid technology has changed a lot in the last decade, and you might not even recognize a hearing aid if you saw it. You may think hearing aids are like the clunky devices your uncle wore 15 years ago. But today’s hearing aids are small, sophisticated devices that provide the best in clear hearing. Like much of the technology you use every day, hearing aids have gone digital. Old hearing aids used analog technology, but many of today’s devices use digital technology that will amaze you with advanced programs and settings that help you hear like never before. 

What are analog hearing aids?

Hearing aids have three main components, including a microphone to pick up on the sounds in your environment, an amplifier to increase the sounds’ volume, and a receiver that sends the amplified sounds to your ears.

Analog hearing aids work by amplifying all the sounds around you. They make all the sound waves louder, and your ears can hear sounds they were struggling to make out. This may sound like a good thing, but analog hearing aids also amplify sounds you don’t want to hear. Not only will you hear soft sounds loudly, but you’ll also hear loud sounds even more loudly. Analog hearing aids can be uncomfortable to wear in crowded places since they amplify every sound. Analog hearing aids can make it almost impossible to hear on the phone or follow the TV if there’s another background noise in the room. They can even lead to further hearing loss by amplifying loud sounds. 

Analog hearing aids of the past were large, clearly visible, and adjusted only by pressing buttons outside the hearing aid. While today’s analog hearing aids have made huge improvements, digital hearing aids have completely changed the game.

What are digital hearing aids?

Modern digital hearing aids don’t simply amplify sounds. They process sound using more steps than analog devices. 

Rather than equally amplifying all the sounds around you, and sending all these amplified sound waves to your ears, digital hearing aids first digitize the sounds. They break sound waves into smaller units, analyze the sounds, and determine which of these units should be amplified. Loud sounds don’t become uncomfortably loud, and you’ll be able to hear soft sounds easily. Like background noise or uncomfortable feedback, certain sounds can even be reduced to give you clear hearing. 

With digital hearing aids, you’ll experience: 

  • Reduced discomfort from background noise.
  • Enhanced speech understanding with better focus on speech sounds.
  • Automatically adjusting volume levels for safe listening.
  • A mini-computer chip that can analyze sounds for the best in clear hearing.
  • Discreet devices that are nearly invisible.
  • Easily programmed devices that match your unique hearing needs in every environment and programmed to fit your exact hearing loss at each frequency.
  • Many programs and settings will help you hear at home, on the phone, or at a restaurant.  

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Digital hearing aids are recommended for anyone with mild to severe hearing loss. They’ll make it easy to hear in noisy environments, help you hear the TV, and make conversations with your loved ones a breeze. These sophisticated devices continue to improve, with ongoing advancements to operating platforms and algorithms that help you hear.

Digital hearing aids can be recalibrated as your hearing needs change, and they can continue to provide excellent hearing for many years. If you work in a noisy office, struggle to hear in meetings, or can’t easily communicate with coworkers, friends, and family, using digital hearing aids will give you back the ability to hear and allow you to engage fully in every area of your life. 

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Hearing technology continues to improve. Like your smartphone or laptop computer, hearing aids have gotten even better in the last few years. Digital hearing aids have flexible programs and settings to match your needs. They will help you hear in a variety of environments. 

Our team of hearing health specialists are committed to finding you the perfect devices to help you hear all the sounds around you. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids, so visit us today and see what digital hearing aids can do for you.